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Clare Anderson

Enrichment Life Coach



Canon City


I was born and grew up in Minnesota before moving to Colorado. I completed two bachelor's degrees, one in English and one in Communications. I also completed a master's degree in Education. I taught middle and high school Theatre and high school English. I am now very involved in community theatre. Ask me about my next performance! I started with GlobalED in November 2020. I am here because after retiring from teaching, I missed working with students and helping them pursue their educational goals and life dreams.


I have always wanted to inspire students to have confidence in themselves and to succeed in whatever they put their minds to.

My Hero

My Dad!

My Hobbies

Visiting Stratford Upon Avon (love of Shakespeare)

 Visiting Italy (for my artist husband)

Visiting Ireland (beautiful, part of my heritage)

My Favorite Holiday

Thanksgiving, still is. Only time of year my whole family gets together.

Favorite Book

Anything involving historical fiction; find it interesting, learn new things

My Hobbies

Reading & Acting