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Mitchell Byrne

Enrichment Life Coach



 Canon City


I was born in Oklahoma City, OK, but I have not been there since I was 5 months old.  In fact, I have moved 31 times, and 13 of those were before I graduated high school!  I lived in Canon City during high school and then I spent some time in college at BYUI (Brigham Young University Idaho) to see if anything captured my interest.  During that time, I put my passion for helping others to use as a volunteer student mentor for new students at BYUI. I came to work for GlobalED in March of 2022, continuing to follow my desire to do something on the selfless side. I thrive when I am helping others, and I especially love working with all types of people from all different walks of life.


Making a difference for those around me, and showing them that I truly care for unselfish reasons. 

Favorite Holiday

Halloween, because I am obsessed with fighting fear.

My Bucket List

Go bungee jumping, because its one of the last things I haven't done relating to scary heights which is my biggest fear.

 Travel to Iceland because every time I see it I want to be there more than anywhere else.

My Favorite Movie

The Dark Knight trilogy. No matter how many times I have watched it I always have even deeper realizations every time. I revel at the thought of how genius Christopher Nolan must be to be able to put forward those messages. Also the action sequences are epic!

My Hobbies

Mountain biking,  off-roading, video games.