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Samuel Henry

Enrichment Life Coach (ELC)





I am from Taylorsville Utah. I graduated from Riverton High School. I moved to Fort Collins Colorado in April of 2022. I began working at GlobalED in July 2022. I am here because I have always heard great things about GlobalED, and also have family and friends who were successful with this program. I enjoy helping people and knew I could make an impact in the lives of the students I work with. 


I love helping people. It doesn't matter who you are or where you came from, if I'm even able to make the slightest difference in your life then that makes me happy. Students inspire me by seeing all the struggles they've gone through and seeing them stay strong through it all.

Favorite Holiday

I would have to say Halloween and it still is to this day. The reason I love it is mostly because of the time of the year it's on. I love the fall weather and all the scary movies that comes with it, the candy is also pretty cool.

My Favorite Movie

I have a ton of movies that I absolutely love, but if I had to pick my top 3 it would have to be Hereditary, Nightcrawler, and Annihilation because they make you think

My Favorite Animal

Probably frog because I own an African Bullfrog named Bubba!

My Hobbies

Some of my hobbies include video games, photography, film, cooking, music, and reptiles.