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Leslie Blackwood

Regional Service Director 



Pueblo Main Street


 I began working with youth in 2014.  I was always passionate about helping others but then I discovered that I had a passion in helping teens get to a point of feeling success in their lives.  Since then, I have worked towards ensuring that every student that I work with feels wanted, needed, and knows that I am here to help. I have been very blessed and honored to be able to live out my passion. I will continue to strive to be the best advocate and mentor to all individuals. As we all have struggled so have I.  I struggled to find success or figure out the processes in order to move forward. I didn't know where to begin or what I would do with my future self.  Taking action in certain situations didn't come easily for me.  I had to struggle where it seemed others did not. I want all students to understand that things really aren't that hard, you just have to know the process and the why behind the process.  As simple as it may sound, most times all you have to do is read the directions or follow the direction on the path to get to the goal.  All goals are obtainable if you work hard and are dedicated / motivated to make it happen.  I am very blessed that I get to come to a job that is very rewarding and also gives others Hope. 


I am inspired to work with students and families because I know others need help and a different platform possibly for their education.  Online opportunities have brought so many students out of a hard place, helped them to know what they needed to do and pushed them back into a focus on the future. 

Favorite Holiday

My favorite holiday is 4th of July.  

My Bucket List

 The top three things I would like to accomplish would be to be able to see a variety of different countries including Ireland, Mexico & Nothern California again to see the Red Wood Forest ( this was one of my favorite places to be )  Traveling & being with my family are the most important aspects of my life.  

My Hobbies

My hobbies include being outdoors, camping, fishing, playing outdoor games & being at the river.