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Ryan Abeyta

EdZone Manager



La Gente


I am from Pueblo Colorado. I am a South High School graduate with some college experience. I started working with students in 1994 as a volunteer coach for football, baseball, and basketball. My connections with former students and athletes have given me the drive to help our students succeed. I enjoy helping them to accomplish the very first and most important goal of graduating with their high school diploma. This is their first step to beginning a successful journey in life. 


My inspiration is to help students realize that they do have the inner drive and passion to achieve the requirements to earn their high school diploma. 

Favorite Holiday

Christmas is my favorite holiday because I get to spend time with family!

My Bucket List

 To have the opportunity to play against the best poker players in the World Series of Poker Tournament in Las Vegas. 

To own a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle.

 To attend a Super Bowl game.

My Favorite Animal

Dogs because they are always happy to see you. 

My Hobbies

Spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy fishing, riding my motorcycle, barbecues, and supporting our community at fundraisers and memorial events!