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Phoenix Ross

Enrichment Life Coach ( ELC)

(719) 249-8519

Pueblo Midtown Teal


I am from Wyoming. I completed a Bachelors degree at Western Governers University in Intermediate Elementary Education. I also completed an Electronics Engineering Bachelors degree at Weber State University. I have been working with students for 20 years. I started at GlobalED in March of 2022. I am here because I like to watch students reach their full potential. 


I absolutely love watching children learn and grow. Watching students go from struggling to succeeding and watching their self-confidence blossom is amazing. 

My Hobbies

Comic conventions

Traveling to new places 


My Bucket List

To spend more time with the people I love

 To meet all the living Batman's

 To get another degree

My Favorite Animal

Baby Cows

My Favorite Holiday

Halloween. I love Halloween because it is the only holiday that is all about having fun, everyone is all about giving, and everyone is included.