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Amanda Fox-Markley



Pueblo Midtown Grey


I have my bachelor's degree in Educational Studies and I am currently in school for my master's in Adult Educational Studies. I started working with students in 2006 and  began working with GlobalED in September of 2019. I want to help all students be successful in reaching their long-term goal of graduation and I want them to be successful with what they do after graduation too!  


Every student is special and I absolutely love each one and their family too! I know everyone needs someone, and it truly takes a village to raise a child! I am part of that village. The Grey team at MidTown loves to see students succeed. We are also now your family!  

My Favorite Holiday

Christmas, it was a time our family was always together.

My Bucket List

    Traveling to Paris

Driving to every state in the United States

 Helping every student I meet

My Favorite Animal


My Hobbies Include

Traveling, hanging out on the beach, and collecting Mickey Mouse