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Valerie Rosales

Student Support Coordinator


Pueblo Midtown Grey


I was born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado. I am the mother of two incredible sons, and I've been married 20 years to my wonderful husband. I've had the pleasure of working with Global Advantage students since July 2018. Being witness to our students' hard work and seeing them achieve their academic goals has been inspiring to me. Being a part of Global Advantage has opened my eyes to making a difference in our young people's lives, and how empowering it is to be a part of something that continues to grow and make a positive impact for our community. 


I enjoy giving students a guided sense of direction during their academic journey, emphasizing the importance of hard work and education to help them set goals for their future. 

Favorite Holiday

Halloween hands down. Now and when I was growing up. The holiday allows people to show their character, likes, and creativity with no judgment.

My Bucket List

1.Traveling to Greece. When I was in middle and high school I really enjoyed Greek Mythology. 

2. Travel through or visit all 50 states in the U.S. I am up to 29 now.

 3.Being the sports buff that I am, I want to travel to some famous sports stadiums. Boston (Red Sox) Louisiana (Saints) California (Rose Bowl).

My Favorite Books

I am a true nerd at heart. Super hero(MARVEL or DC), Star Wars, movies based on true stories. Documentaries as well, really anything dealing with history or mystery. Overall I just enjoy movies and binge watching series on streaming platforms.

My Hobbies

Listening to music and attending concerts, watching any live sport and video games.