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John O'Dell

Enrichment Life Coach ( ELC)



Canon City


  I started working with GlobalED in August of 2019. I graduated from high school in 1995, and played baseball at USC (now CSU Pueblo) for 3 years. When I became a parent, I had to start working full time and could not finish school. I began working with youth as a baseball coach in 2010 and continued with a job at the local recreation district working with baseball, football, and the after school program. After a 3 year period of being a stay-at-home dad for my 3 youngest children and watching kids from home, I decided to try working with the older students, too. The best part of all of this is that I have worked with more than half of our student population through various endeavors over the years so I have a pretty good relationship with them all. 


I like passing on the things that I have learned and helping students realize their potential.

My Hero

My Son! He is so strong and never lets anything get him down. 

My Bucket List

Softball, Movies, Video Games, Live Music, working on cars, anything I can do with my kids.

My Bucket List

Visit England/Ireland. We have an ancestral home there. 

 See a World Series Game, I love baseball. 

 Visit Japan...CARS!

Favorite Animal


Favorite Holiday

4th of July! It's right before my birthday and it was always a big celebration!