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Bethaney Bells

Enrichment Life Coach




I received my high school diploma from PSD Global Academy in 2018, and received my Health

and Life Coach certifications from Health Coach Institute in 2023. I started working with

GlobalED in August 2023. I am here because I believe that everyone deserves to live a life they

love, and I love to help support them as they do so! I graduated from a blended school, and I

want to help support students that are also utilizing the unique structure that comes from

blended and online schools. I discovered how impactful an educator can be because of my high

school English teacher. The way she supported, pushed, and motivated me has been a core

inspiration for how and why I coach.


Kids have always inspired me. They remind me to be myself, to be honest, and to live life fully. I

believe that all kids deserve to have trusted adults that love and accept them, and that adults

deserve to experience the joy that kids radiate.

My Hobbies

 My favorite holiday is Independence Day, because I love fireworks and summer


My Favorite Movie

My favorite movie is Good Will Hunting, because of how it shows the effects of

trauma, the process of healing, and the importance of doing what YOU want to

do with your life. It’s also just so good.

My Favorite Animal

My favorite animals are gorillas, because they are so strong, even though they

are vegetarians, which is pretty cool. They also like taking naps, just like me :) 

My Bucket List

I want to snowboard in New Zealand, go to Mount Roraima in Guyana, and write

a book.

My Hobbies

I love snowboarding, writing, hiking, reading, hanging out with friends, watching

tv shows and movies, going to concerts, practicing yoga, playing basketball, and

so much more.