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Louis Rodriguez

Educational Zone Manager (EZM)



La Gente


I am from Pueblo, Colorado. I graduated from an online high school and love helping others do the same! I began at GlobalED in August 2019. I have been part of the La Gente team for almost 4 years now. I have been in multiple positions at this site, continuing to grow and help the students we serve. I discovered my true passion for helping students at Colorado State University Pueblo Campus where I cooked and catered for the college students and staff. I spent 10 years there dedicating my service to the students I saw everyday. I am here because I was one of these students! Not all students were angels and I want to help others see that no matter where you came from, or what you have done, you can shine and grow!


I have a similar story to the students we serve. I came from a tough neighborhood and single parent household. I dropped out at least 3 times during my high school tenure and eventually gave up. I ended up working in food service for about 10 years. Food service was OK during this time only because my bills were paid, but as time went by I plateaued and it was hard to find a better paying employer without a high school diploma. Finally in 2017 I joined an online program in Denver CO, and finished high school. Now I am in college. I want to pay it forward and show the students in our community that anything is possible and no one is on the same life path. You have to want it and go get it. Nothing is handed to you!

Favorite Holiday

Halloween hands down. Now and when I was growing up. The holiday allows people to show their character, likes, and creativity with no judgment.

My Bucket List

1.Traveling to Greece. When I was in middle and high school I really enjoyed Greek Mythology. 

2. Travel through or visit all 50 states in the U.S. I am up to 29 now.

 3.Being the sports buff that I am, I want to travel to some famous sports stadiums. Boston (Red Sox) Louisiana (Saints) California (Rose Bowl).

My Favorite Books

I am a true nerd at heart. Super hero(MARVEL or DC), Star Wars, movies based on true stories. Documentaries as well, really anything dealing with history or mystery. Overall I just enjoy movies and binge watching series on streaming platforms.

My Hobbies

Listening to music and attending concerts, watching any live sport and video games.